"We Are America's Partner in Conservation" 

"Across the country we work with our partners, to conserve land, train leaders and invest in conservation at home. From our headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, and our field offices across the country, we've saved land in all 50 states-more than 7 million acres of wild havens, working lands, vibrant communities and more."

Information taken from http://www.conservationfund.org/who_we_are

"We Treat Conservation as Our Business"

"Every community--and landscape--is different. That's why conservation calls for different solutions, from protecting land to empowering rural communities, strategically planning infrastructure, investing in sustainable business and using water wisely. At The Conservation Fund, we do all this and more.

How? We're a nonprofit that treats conservation as our business. We provide the skills, strategies and funds that our partners need to fulfill conservation priorities swiftly and successfully. With support from donors, we partner with community, government and corporate leaders to protect America's favorite outdoor places and to conserve resources for healthy, sustainable communities. We operate leanly, with no formal membership, charitable endowment or political agenda."

Information taken from http://www.conservationfund.org/how_we_work

The Conservation Fund's Programs in Florida

Florida's Endangered Species:


                                              Florida Panther                                                           Florida Panther Kitten



                            Green Sea Turtle                                                       Leatherback Sea Turtle


                    American Crocodile                                                         West Indian Manatee


                                          Key Deer                                                                Lower Key Marsh Rabbit


                      Whooping Crane                                                                   Wood Stork


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