Meet the Athletes

 11 of FGCU's finest athletes have volunteered to dedicate their time to this cause. Let's meet them!

Dr. Sean Kelly
Honors Director

Sean Kelly is an avid runner and the director of the Florida Gulf Coast University Honors Program. He is a cat lover and is thrilled to be helping his bigger feline friends, Florida Panthers, have a space to roam. Born in Buffalo, NY, Sean cannot believe that we can run outside for a week in December!!!!

Alyssa Reidy
Athletes Committee Chair

My name is Alyssa Reidy and I'm majoring in Physical Therapy. My first experience with running wat at an Olympic Running Camp in Vermont. I had such a good time and really fell in love with running. That experience made me want to push myself even more and see how far I can go. I am going to be a Tough Mudder in December and am using this opportunity to expand my running career even more.

Michael Ruksenas
Donations Management Chair

Hello, my name is Michael Ruksenas and I am an Environmental Engineering major at FGCU.  I started running at 10 years old when my parents enrolled me at a local track and field club. In high school, I competed in track and field and CC . These days, I run for the pure enjoyment of it which usually consists of pushing my son and daughter in a double-wide jogging stroller. I also enjoy biking, camping, canoeing and pretty much any other activities that get my family and me outside. A lot of hard work has been put in by a group of incredibly passionate, hard-working and creative individuals. I’d like to give a big THANK YOU to everyone involved in every aspect of the planning!

Santiago Yori   

I am a biology major, and hope to someday do research and become a university professor as well. I want to participate in the run because I love state parks, firstly, but I also enjoy running quite a lot, especially with other people. I like to play tennis, run and hike. I enjoy painting and sculpting and I am a big fan of animals and their preservation, another reason why I think this run is such a wonderful thing to do.

Zach Hamm

Hello, my name is Zach Hamm and I am a freshman Biology major here at FGCU. I have aspirations to one day work in the medical field and specialize in some area of surgery. All my life I have been playing sports and spending time outdoors. My favorite sports to play are soccer, tennis, and baseball. I also love skiing  both in snow and water. I decided to join this relay because I love running and also to help the Florida panthers in any way I can.

Aby Henneberry

Hi! My name's Aby and I've been running for about 2 years now. I found my true passion for running during the middle of my freshman year of college when I participated in a week of training with Olympic athletes in Craftsbury, Vermont, and have recently been training for my first half marathon which is taking place this February. Aside from running, I'm a sophomore Honors student at Florida Gulf Coast University originally from Bloomington, Illinois. I'm currently majoring in Human Performance with hopes of furthering my education in the nutrition and health fields. I'm counting down the days to our Trails for Tails relay!

Gina Hendrick

I am a Biology major and I am pursuing a career in Conservation Biology. One of the main reasons why I am participating in this event is that I want to aid in conservation efforts. Over the twenty-five years that I have lived in Florida, I have seen many habitats destroyed. I believe that this event will help raise awareness of how habitat loss has led to a climb in the number of endangered species.

Gretchen MacMillan

I am a junior at FGCU majoring in nursing and I am also a part of the school's cross country team. I am participating in this relay because I like to help out in any way I can, and it doesn't hurt that I enjoy running as well.

Jason Davis

Hi, my name is Jason Davis and I am the Fitness Coordinator at FGCU. I’ve been running for 20 plus years, both competitively and for the sheer enjoyment of it. In my running career, I’ve completed over 10 marathons and 30 half-marathons, but have never done a relay-type event. Not only am I looking forward to the challenge of running through Florida as part of a relay team, but also to raise awareness for this great cause.

Megan Deremiah
Team Building Chair

Hey there. My name is Megan Deremiah. I am a sophomore in the honors program and double majoring in sports management and communication. I would say that I started considering myself a runner a little less than a year ago. I went on an incredible trip to Craftsbury, Vermont to train with Olympians last summer. It completely changed my perspective on running and I am so excited to start this new adventure. I am not only excited for the practice in marketing and management that I will get from this class, but I am so looking forward to the experiences I will have as I run across Florida. Thank you so much for your interest in us and I hope we can make you all proud to be a part of this project.

Megan has suffered an injury and will no longer be running with the team.

Molly Nurczyk

Hi, my name is Molly Nurczyk. I am a freshman this year at FGCU and a part of the Honors Program. My major is Communications. I ran track in middle school, and Varsity Cross-Country and track in high school. I love running and am very excited to be a part of Trails for Tails.

Molly has suffered an injury and will no longer be running with the team.


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