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 "Informed and engaged citizens are essential to the creation of a civil and sustainable society. The university values the development of the responsible self grounded in honesty, courage, and compassion. ... Through service learning requirements, the University engages students in community involvement with time for formal reflection on their experiences. Integral to the University's philosophy is instilling in students an environmental consciousness that balances their economic and social aspirations with the imperative for ecological sustainability."

Florida Gulf Coast University Honors Program

FGCU Honors Program Website

"FGCU Honors is a dynamic and transformative program. By providing students with an array of unique opportunities, it helps students to maximize the university experience. Our Honors Program believes in developing the whole person. We value academic achievement, community service, thoughtful leadership, global citizenship, and personal excellence. In short, for us "Honors" is a lifestyle."

About Our Class

Dr. Sean Kelly created this course as a way to allow students to broaden their experiences where applicable to their personal field. Students were pulled from all across the honors program, with majors including Environmental Studies, Software Engineering, Biology, Human Performance, and Business, with the intent of creating a charitable service learning project involving a relay run around the state of Florida.

Aby Henneberry: Co-Director

Emily Malinosky: Co-Director

Jackie Chastain: Secretary

Sonya Padfield: Treasurer & Fundraising Chair

Alyssa Reidy: Athletes Committee Chair

Mike Ruksenas: Donation Management Chair

Todd Grieb: Feasibility Chair

Daniel Sabourin: Goal Setting Chair

Christian Padgett: Implementation Chair

Lindsey Sellers: Logistics Chair

Hannah Johnson: Marketing Chair

Katy De Sousa: Outreach Chair

Jennifer Nieves: Partners Chair

Tia Rowe: Risk Management Chair

Timothy Surette: Service Learning Chair

Megan Deremiah: Team Building Chair

Nowele Rechka: Webmaster



Our Mission

With the help and support of local businesses, FGCU students, and the community, we will be completing a week-long relay event across the state of Florida. We are working to raise $10,000 for The Conservation Fund and awareness for Florida’s endangered wildlife and disappearing natural habitat. The money we raise will go specifically to The Conservation Fund's projects throughout the state which help protect and conserve the natural habitat of Florida’s native species.

If We Can't Do It, Neither Can They... 

With our 600 mile relay run, we hope to raise awareness about how difficult it is for our natural species to move around our state


There will be a story about our runners and what we're doing.
Tune in tonight: 
Monday December 10 at 5 pm on NBC 2 News

Check out our Trails for Tails blog


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